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We film from the skies.


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It’s not crazy. It’s the Officers of the Navy.

🌟 Our Services 🌟

🚁 Aerial Photos and Videos

Capture stunning, high-quality aerial photos and videos using state-of-the-art equipment. From the DJI Inspire 3 series to heavy lifters with Red, Sony, and Arri systems, we cater to cinema-grade ACES workflows for the best visual experience.

📡 Aerial live stream and broadcast system

Delivering high-quality aerial photos and videos with cutting-edge technology. From the DJI Inspire 3 to Acecore and heavy lifters to support broadcast system, our setup ensures top-tier performance. Paired with long-range and low-latency transmission solutions like Teradek, DJI Transmission, and Vaxis.

🚁 Aerial Inspections and Surveying

High-quality inspections for various industries standards, from facade inspection to security surveillance solutions.

And More!

🗺️ Orthomosaics and Models

Detailed and accurate mapping and annotation solutions.

🌐 Aerial Virtual Tours

Immersive virtual experiences from the sky.

🔗 Tethered Drone Operations

Reliable and continuous aerial solutions.

✈️ Aviation Tourism

Exciting and unique aviation experiences.

🎥 FPV Drone Filming

Dynamic and cinematic aerial footage.

🚁 Helicopter Charters

Personalized helicopter services for your needs.

📚  Funded Drone Courses

Learn to master drone technology and operations.

🛠️ Custom Engineering Projects

Tailored engineering solutions to fit your requirements.


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