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Advance Drone Flying Course
(Suitable for ages 16 and above)


Contact for more details


8 hours practical, 4 hours theory

To enroll or any queries simply, 

1) Email us your name, course interested, contact details

2) WA/Call us at 83228123/ 98203609

About the Course

Advance Drone Pilot Course (targeting multi-rotor UA less than 7kg):
Course is intended to provide participants with strong theoretical knowledge and necessary flying competencies to ensure safe drone operations within Singapore airspace. Our trainers are UAPL certified and have years of commercial drone flying experience.

What you’ll learn:
• Safe piloting skills
• Practical tips and advice from our trainers to achieve perfection on your drone flying techniques
• How not to crash your drone
• Up to date knowledge on requirement of CAAS examinations

Who is this course for?
This course is highly suitable for individuals and company’s staff who are keen on flying drones professionally and taking the UAPL exams and tests.

This course includes:
• 4 hours theory lesson
• 8 hours practical flying training and supervision [Atti mode].

Fees excluded
• Theory test (payable to CAAS) – SGD125
• UAPL application on CAPELS - SGD500

Roadmap for obtaining UAPL:

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