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Basic Junior Drone Course (comes with drone set)
(Suitable for ages 9-16)


$200.00 (nett)


1 day, 4 hour course

To enroll or any queries simply, 

1) Email us your name, course interested, contact details

2) WA/Call us at 83228123/ 98203609

About the Course

Course run BD003 - 17 Dec 2021, 2-6pm, Location: Tanjong Pagar, SPF Building

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Course description:
Take time to learn drones through fun and interactive missions! Taking place right at the comfort at home, or in the safe boundaries of a classroom – learners will get to learn more about their drone kits, how it works and their useful applications in Singapore.

What your kid will learn:
• Understanding in how drone works, basics and controls
• Promotes creativity, problem solving and logical thinking with classroom drone missions and tasks
• Promotes science – understand how it flies, simple theories of flight
• Safe piloting skills through practice alongside our trainers
• Drone regulations made simple (for below 16)
• Learn about real drone applications through simple missions

This course includes:
• Ready to fly drone kits (including a complete drone set)
• Safety checklist, Mission booklets
• Certificate of completion

Useful benefits of teaching STEM for kids using drones?
Explains science – By understanding how drones work, students will be get to see how science theories work in action! Participants will gain an insight into understanding how lift is generated, what are forces of flight, torque etc.

Promotes creativity – Either via our fun learning missions, or assembling a drone, or taking simply photographs/videos – this drone module will encourage participants to be young content creators.

Helps with problem solving – New topics bring new interests and questions to mind! Students will be encouraged to think ahead and ask questions regarding drone operations, planning on missions and tackling simple problems like troubleshooting their equipment.

Promotes teamwork – In a realistic world, drone operations required a team made up of a pilot and a spotter. By working in teams to take on missions, students will learn the importance of each role and the importance of working in a team.

Understanding electronics – dissecting drones, assembling a drone or to even perform a setup, students will gain a basic introduction to robotics and electronics. Knowing what goes into a drone provides a small but important stepping stone into the complex word of industry scale complex drones.

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