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Drone Videography 101: Tips & Tricks for Stunning Drone Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography in Singapore

Updated: Jan 22

DJI Inspire 3 specs
DJI Inspire 3 specs

Our fleet includes the DJI Inspire 3 that comes with the X9-8K Air Full-Frame 3 Axis Gimbal that shoots up to 8K25 CinemaDNG or 8K75 AppleProRES quality (full specs here)

Taking aerial footage with a drone has completely changed the game, as aerial vistas are quite spectacular and provide fresh viewpoints. Drones are becoming indispensable for innovative and exciting narratives — even Singaporean and international filmmakers and enthusiasts utilise them. Let’s find out some tips you can use to take beautiful aerial films, regardless of your videography skill level.

Understanding Your Drone

Choosing the right drone

A lot of considerations should go into the purchasing of a drone for aerial cinematography.

  1. Your video's clarity and detail are directly impacted by the quality of your camera. Get a drone that has a decent camera. They need to have 1080p video recording capabilities. Additionally, the results will be more professional if shot in 4K.

  2. Flight time is another critical factor. Usually, longer flight times allow for more extensive shooting sessions. You don't need to change batteries as often. Drones like the DJI Mavic series, which offer around 30 minutes of flight time, are excellent choices.

  3. The size and ease of control are also important. A compact and lightweight drone is easier to transport. It may also be less obtrusive, making it ideal for travelling videographers. User-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces can make a significant difference, especially for beginners.

Know your drone's capabilities

Understanding your drone's specific features and limitations is essential for maximising its potential. Familiarise yourself with its camera specifications. These include sensor size, aperture, and ISO range. They affect image quality and performance in different lighting conditions.

Learning about the different flight modes your drone offers is also beneficial. Modes like GPS-assisted hover can help maintain stability for steady shots. Manual controls for advanced manoeuvres can offer experienced pilots more creative freedom.

Preparing for Your Flight

Check the weather and lighting conditions

Ideal filming conditions are crucial for drone videography. Verify the wind and precipitation predictions. Strong gusts of wind might destabilise your drone, and precipitation can harm its electrical parts. How the lights seem in your video may make or break the scene. During the golden hours, the light is soft and diffused, which may make your recordings seem more theatrical. Shortly after dawn and immediately before dusk, there are golden hours.

Plan your shots

Pre-flight planning is essential for efficient and effective shooting. Storyboard your ideas or create a shot list to ensure you capture all the necessary footage. Consider the narrative flow and how each shot will fit into the final video. This preparation can save valuable time and battery life during the flight.

Flight Techniques for Stunning Footage

Smooth and steady

Smooth flying is crucial for high-quality drone footage. Practice makes perfect; spend time mastering the controls to achieve fluid, stable movements. Use gentle, gradual stick movements on the remote control. This will result in smoother panning and tracking shots.

Explore different angles and perspectives

Drones allow you to capture unique angles that are impossible with traditional cameras. Experiment with high-altitude shots for a grand scale. Fly close to subjects for dynamic, engaging scenes. Or try low-altitude shots for a more intimate perspective. Varying your shot types can add visual interest to your footage.

Use intelligent flight modes

Modern drones often come with smart flight modes. Examples include active track, point of interest, and waypoints. These modes automate complex movements. They allow you to focus on capturing the best footage. For example, the follow-me mode keeps the camera locked on a moving subject. This is ideal for dynamic action shots.

Capturing Quality Aerial Video

Focus on composition

Composition is key in videography. When framing your photographs, keep in mind rules such as the rule of thirds. To direct the viewer's gaze, study the terrain for its inherent forms and lines. Look at the composition and how the components work together in the frame.

Maintain the right altitude

Altitude affects the context and feel of your shots. Higher altitudes are great for capturing vast landscapes. Lower altitudes offer detailed, close-up views. Varying your altitude throughout a shoot can provide a diverse range of footage.

Be mindful of the drone's speed

The speed of your drone can set the tone of your video. Slow speeds are ideal for serene, majestic shots, while faster speeds can add excitement and energy. Ensure your speed matches the narrative and style of your video.

Post-Production Tips

Editing your footage

Editing is a crucial step in the videography process. Use software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro for trimming and sequencing your footage. You can also use it for colour-grading. Good editing can transform raw footage into a compelling story.

Adding music and sound effects

When narrating a tale, sound plays a significant role. Choose soundtracks and sound effects that complement the tone and feeling you want to convey in your film. Make sure the beat and speed match up with the animations.

Legal Considerations

Know the regulations

Understanding and adhering to drone regulations is crucial. This is especially true in a regulated environment like Singapore. Familiarise yourself with local drone laws. Check the flight zones, altitude limits, and licencing requirements to ensure legal compliance.

Privacy and safety

Respect privacy and safety norms while flying. Avoid areas where flying may infringe on privacy rights or pose a risk to public safety. This includes crowded places and private properties without permission.

Drone videography is an exciting and dynamic field that combines technology and creativity. Understand your equipment, prepare thoroughly, and apply these tips and techniques. You can capture stunning aerial footage. It will bring a unique perspective to your storytelling.

Elevate Your Videography with We the Flyers

Since 2015, We the Flyers have been in business offering drones, cameras, and other filmmaking gear in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of our customers. Not only do we have equipment such as the DJI Inspire 3, DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine, RED Komodo and Blackmagic BMPCC setups, we produce aerial videos that are highly usable in films, advertising, events and commercial projects. Our crew of expert pilots is well-versed in all kinds of drone configurations. They are proficient in both day and night operations.

Our services include aerial drone videography and photography. We have a strong portfolio of work with production houses, brand agencies, and ministries. Therefore, we assure safe and efficient operations.

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